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Sculpt Clinic Sydney offers our clients the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the proven benefits of the CoolSculpting™ procedure. This procedure is designed to remove unwanted fat deposits on the body that have resisted exercise and dieting but do not warrant surgical removal such as liposuction.

The CoolSculpting™ treatment enables clients to reduce fat layers and sculpt the contours of their bodies to achieve their desired shape with visible results.

leading body sculpting technology for safe, achievable results

CoolScuplting™ selectively targets fat cells and using advanced cooling, crystallises the lipids within fat cells triggering apoptosis (natural cell death.) This device-based treatment uses patented Cryolipolysis™ technology which has been effectively proven in the medical science fields.

Make yourself a priority

CoolScuplting™ is a gentle, painless procedure that applies bioselective technology to target and remove fat in specific areas for a dramatic improvement in body shape.

  • No incisions
  • No anaesthesia
  • No skin damage
  • No pain

Ultrasound testing demonstrates up to a 25%* reduction of fat cells in the treated area for each 1 hour treatment. Clients have noticed the difference after just one treatment, obvious changes within a few weeks and the most dramatic results seen after just a few months.

* Individual results may vary.

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